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 BlackBerry (BlackBerry) recently canceled the sale and replace the chief executive, that the former market leader shares fell to the lowest level in ten years. Led by the biggest shareholder of Financial BlackBerry Fairfaxconsortium of investors to the Canadian enterprises to invest an additional $1000000000, but not confirmed that the $4700000000 takeover bid issued 6weeks ago. Issued a deadline to determine the offer has expired yesterday. Not for sale decision angered other potential buyers, they say, by Fairfax CEO Prem Voca (Prem Watsa) formulation of the proposal has been the lack of financialsupport, the whole process is a "farce". A person familiar with the matter, thecompetitive tender for the other party, including the American private equity group Asset Management Co (Cerberus Capital Management) which, blackberryfounder Mike Lazaridis (Mike Lazaridis) and Doug Fregi (Doug Fregin), have notreceived on this one does not sell any warning decision. Cerberus declined to comment. Investors have also expressed their worries, leading shares closed Monday BlackBerry slumped 16.4%, to $6.50. A $1000000000 investment led by Fairfax, the notes, the notes will be converted into BlackBerry 16% equity.Science and technology industry veteran John Chen will replace Torsten Hines(Thorsten Heins), as the BlackBerry executive chairman and interim chief executive officer. Hayes was appointed in 2012 January. A person of anotherpotential buyers, said: "obviously, the BlackBerry is not willing to sell, but it must listen to the views of the market. Interested in buying the BlackBerry will still pay close attention to developments. The acquisition of logic has not yet disappeared." BlackBerry said, as a result of new investment, strategic assessment for each option which will end in August announced. At that time,which is based on the turnaround strategy to launch new operating system and Z10 mobile phone has obviously failed.

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